Monday, June 11, 2012

Possibly the Cutest Thing I've Ever Done...

So here's some more WIP on this boy scout illustration I'm doing.

Let me be clear though, this isn't for the Boy Scouts, just a piece involving a boy scout and a girl scout. My pieces need no affiliation, darnnit!

Anyways, it's been a month since I've graduated and things have been weird. I've picked up a little freelance (when I say little, I mean little), but hopefully things will be moving in a different direction really soon and I won't be in this weird-in-between-flux period that I've been in this past month.

Hope you guys like the piece thus far, and of course, thoughts, criticisms, or ideas are more than welcome! Later Head Waiter.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Boy Scout

I'm working on a new character illustration as I'm writing this, so I figured I'd show some sketches in order to prove it to the world.

I'll be taking this one a little further than my motor scooter spots by trying to incorporate a little bit more storytelling!

I'm really trying to push myself to keep going. I've hit a rut these past few weeks where none of what I was doing was coming out very well and I feared for my post-college artwork. All seems to have returned to some form of normalcy though, as with this project I feel my confidence returning and, more-or-less, a return to form as far as my illustration goes. This illustration's going to be a little more adorable than what I'm used to doing (certainly not a bad thing), but should still reflect the same kind of quality I've been turning myself toward with my past few illustrations. I'm hoping the constant pushing in the right direction helps me turn out illustration work the likes of which I had never thought myself capable of, but we shall all see. I just want to succeed.

Anyways, tune in soon to see more!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hellish Relish Edits

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been working on a few things and since graduating have been kind of busy and strugglin' to come up with new illustration ideas. Anyways, to make up for no updates in close to a month, here's a little something I edited about a month ago.
Now, this bad lad, as you can see, is very similar to the one I posted earlier in my blog. This time around though, I've cleaned some things up and, overall, just made it more appealing.

I'm working on some new things right now (I've finally come up with some ideas) and will hopefully be posting some cool stuff eventually! Thanks for dropping in, talkcha soooooon!